Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Second Kharkov Campain

Wanted to post an update here. I managed to break my 3d printer. I think I have replacement parts already but I am very sad about it.

I managed to get some writing done and have the first of several pint sized campaigns laid out. It begins with the initial assault of the german positions at Federovka. The small town was laid out on a dirt road that ran north to south. It provided a natural spot for the Germans to set up a hedgehog defense line. It was in the direct line from Stari Staltov to Kharkov.

From the 1:50,000 scale map that I have, i have outlined the two areas I am looking to use for the town battle. The first is the initial outposts that are positioned along a balka or deep ditch that runs outside of the town on the hill the town resides on.

I annotated the map based on a document I found on-line that explains russian map symbols. It is very comprehensive and makes for a very useful key. I am going to provide a map like this in the booklet so people can move the map around to match the terrain that they have if they wish instead of the spots that I picked.

The Germans had a bad position as their line of retreat was through a grassy swamp that was directly to their rear. Initially the infantry held up against the infantry assault. But when airsupport and tanks arrived, the Germans at Federovka broke and fled to the rear. These troop pulled back to hill 119 that is just to the left of the map above.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Another Christmas is in the books. Plenty of great memories from this year that I will cherish. The Santa Clause and Secret Santa projects came up with some very nice presents that were hobby related. First up is the Santa Clause items.

I received these beautiful figures. I really don't have a good emplaced 88mm gun to go with my Germans and I will need one for a support option for the Second Battle of Kharkov. I am very excited about this set. Thank you very much Santa Clause Ken. (Since I am the organizer, I know who everyone had.)

For the Secret Santa that Jason organized this year, I ended up with a really neat Chain of Command Morale tracker.

This is from a company I have never heard of, Phalanx Consortium. They are pretty cool. They provide lots of helpful reminders for things that I normally forget. These are very nice. I will have to check them out and get some more for my other armies. Thank you Secret Santa. This is much appreciated. Very cool.

I hope each of you had a great Christmas and will have a marvelous 2018. Game on.

Friday, November 17, 2017

TooFatLardies Game Day Georgia - Nov 11 2017

Saturday we held a Lardy games day at Gigabytes cafe in Marietta, Georgia. We had three games of Chain of Command, two of Sharp Practice and a game of Coastal Patrol. I was able to play in the Coastal Patrol game run by Jim, the author of the rules.

I managed to take two lousy pictures of the game. I played 3 higgins boats. My ships did well at first and landed some minor hits on some German S Boats that were moving at maximum speed. But once my ships mixed it up with the convoy, the heavy guns on the trawlers left me with one ship sunk and one dead in the water. The other running for its life at reduced speed. I had great fun but lost badly. The british player had more success and sunk two of the convoy ships. That made the game a draw.

Then I ran my pirates game. It was a naval landing by Spanish regulars and marines being landed by the Spanish Navy. They were attacking a pirate base at night. It started well for the Spanish. They made good progress before the pirate sentry awoke and raised the alarm.

I took few pictures of the game. I was too focused on running it. I think the players had a good time. The Spanish committed their forces as separate groups. When the pirates finally tried to charge the Spanish, the Spanish quickly crumbled. Pirates in close combat are fearsome. The Spanish eventually were either captured or forced back to their boats. It was a fun game for me.

While the coastal patrol game was going on, there was another pirate game of sharp practice. In the game masters words it was peter pan meets Captain Blood.

Then there were games of Chain of Command that I wish I could have joined.

It was a fantastic day all around.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Painting Update

There is nothing like the very last minute to get one in the mood to paint. I just finished four more oarsmen, three seated militia, three seated spanish regulars and three pirate gun crew. I now have the figures that I need for the game tomorrow.

I have also been busy working with my new 3d printer. I have a three piece shipwreck printed. That will be the prize for my game. The aft section took several reprints to get it right, but it looks great. I also have printed a pirate shack that I won't have time to paint for the game and a tudor style caribbean house. These really look good but since they are still the black PLA, they do not take pictures of well.

Another item I printed was a rowboat. It came out great. It has deeper seats and the crews I have painted ride in them much better than the other ones that I have. If I had the time, I would print more and used those instead. The one part it had trouble printing was the rudder handle. It snapped off immediately. But that can be replaced easy enough.

Also started work on an east front windmill. I have the blade finally glued in place. I also have it based and the base textured. I should start painting it next week. My goal is to get all the terrain I need for Second Kharkov done before year's end. The second battle of Kharkov was mainly fought in the small villages that surrounded the city rather than in the city itself. So my rural terrain if perfect for it. The Kickstarter that I participated in for the East Front has everything that I need to complete out the terrain requirements. Stay tuned. It should be fun.

Monday, October 30, 2017

More Fun with 3D Printing

I have the printer up and running well now. I had a few false starts that turned out to be a setup issue. A youTube video set me straight and off I went.

My first prints after the owls were failures. The print head got jammed on a big blob of PLA. Then after fixing the settings, I managed to print out a ship wreck. One slight issue was that the PLA broke part way through the print. That was a bummer. I fixed it rather quickly but it still looks like someone sliced up the ship with a laser at some point. The second attempt was flawless.

The next two prints were a three part Trading Post and a rowboat. Both came out great. The rowboat has a small issue in that the rudder handle did not print. For 15mm it was just too small of a part, I think.

This gives me some prizes for the game on November 11th at Gigabytes.

I have queued up several more items to print today. One is a palisade wall to use for my Romans. I found a nice one on Thingiverse that I am working with. More to come.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Painting Progress

Last week was weak in terms of painting. I managed to paint... rocks. Yep, two 3d printed rock formations that I bought from the fine folks at Sea Dog Studios. Honestly, they look great. Much better than my simple paint job.

To get ready for my Nov 11th Pirates game, I need to paint some more figures. Among them are a few gun crewmen, four oarsmen and two sets of seated troops. I can't get myself in gear to paint. Have been a little preoccupied with a book launch. I won't bore you with the details but if you are interested, check out my other blog.

Also, I am enamoured with my new 3d printer. I am thinking of making a few items for the game. In particular, I am thinking of making a prize for the game. I bought some appropriate model files online. They have an excellent ship wreck that I am going to make. I think that will be the give away.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

3D Printing

My first print job came off of the printer and looks great. Went with the default item, a pair of owls.

The printer fits perfectly under my shelves. I am printing part of a palisade wall next.

Santa Clause and Secret Santa & Terrain Stuff

Santa Clause and Secret Santa

It is that time of year again. The Santa Clause emails have all gone out. I hope everyone is busy plotting and planning. I am not sure if I posted anything for my wish list. I can't remember.

I pretty much only game in 15mm at this point. My current interests are east Front WWII, Pirates and Early Imperial Romans.

3D Printing

I just got in my 3d printer. Bought a Anycubic i3 Mega printer. I managed to get it set up and am working on a test print. Rather than go straight for terrain or miniatures from Thingiverse, I decided to go with the test owl print. I think that was a good choice since I have no clue what I am doing. I managed to open Cure - the slicer software and save a scaled palisade wall on it. That will be print number 2. I will try to get some picture of it at some point. Right now, I am happy as it was churning away.

I need to get this set up as I have not only the immense amount of stuff availible on Thingiverse to play with, I have 2 kickstarters I should get soon. One for Normandy terrain and the other for East Front Terrain. Still 4 days to go with this one if you want to jump in. So far it looks to be an excellent value.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Terrain Ideas

Took the family on a trip to North Georgia today to go apple picking. On the way we passed New Echota, the brief Capitol of the Cherokee Nation from 1821 to 1838. They had a sample farmstead that would work as a frontier farm in the south from the FIW to the ACW. I will post some pictures later.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Painting Progress

It has been a slow week. I managed to get three seated Spanish militia done and a chicken coop. The chickens are not painted that well but they will do. They are too small for me to see enough details on them to paint them any better. The picture of the seated militia is just horrible. But at arms distance, they look pretty good.

Anyway, I am left with just a few more figures to paint for my Pirate game on Nov 11th. I need to get at least two more gun crew done. Also, I'd like to get at least one more set of rowers done. That should be doable.

As for terrain, I have a smoke house on the table now. Also some dog houses and a rabbit hutch. After those, I have a small barn and a corn crib to work on. That should liven up the table a bit. Most of that will be used for either the ACW or Eastern Front.